Custom fonts, modifications, logo refinement
Focus, attention to details, flexibility.
The world of letters is complex and fascinating. Typeface design is not only the skill of crafting great letterforms, but it is also the ability to take care of all the technical aspects connected to the usage of a font, from implementation of smart typographic features, to the support of different scripts and languages. This set of skills is valuable on distinct projects: custom font design, modification of an existing font, logotype refinements.
   A custom typeface can offer the perfect fit to a brand, enhance its identity and simplify the typographical palette, while tailoring the technical set-up to the specifics of the company. 
   A modification involves the creation of a tailored solution built within a given structure. It offers a faster and more economical solution to add personality and uniqueness to an existing font without occurring into the costs of a fully customized typeface. 
   Working on logos from the concept phase till the full development, or at a later stage, when the ideas are already set and the goal is to refine the shapes giving that extra-polish touch to the outlines.
Noorda Font
When ATM Milano went though the refurbishing of the Milanse Underground, they wanted to bring back the original system design by Bob Noorda.
Meal Solution, a custom typeface for Barilla
Meal Solution is a custom font that I developed under the creative direction of FutureBrand Milan, for Barilla. It has been in use for several years on the labels of the sauces sold by Barilla all around the world. It is a clean and friendly script typeface, that required to be easily read on packaging; it had to be clear, refined and bring a sense of simplicity.
Altea Logotype
Altea is a Milanese fashion brand whose roots go back to 1892. I redesigned their logo for ASQ Associati Studio who was designing the overall identity. It was a tremendous leap from an old style textura based logotype, to a fresh and dynamic mark that helped the company to synchronize better with their brand identity.